Top 10 tips to increase Google Adsense Revenue (Earning) by 10 times

Are you want to increase Google Adsense Earning by 10 times, and 100 times, so get ready because I am giving you some useful tips to increase CPC  1.5 to 0.1,0.3,0.5 .

If you are facing that why google CPC is down, while Thousands of visitors are visiting your website, the one thing hit in my mind what is the logic of increase Adsense earning. so everything about Adsense is based on traffic so in your website where from the traffic is coming. Now I m here to advise and giving you some tips. so read the article carefully.

The Tips I am sharing with you, So follow these tips it will work for you. if not working then I will solve your problem-related Google Adsense.

Top 10 tips to increase Adsense Revenue (Earning) by 10 times

1. Selection of Keywords:- 

First thing while you are going to set up Google Adsense, Keywords selection is the important parts of Increasing Google Adsense revenue. you should use High CPM keywords those keywords will we pay you high CPM . for example donate a car, Medical insurance, other rich keywords. Don’t be sad if you have an educational niche, Technology blog, in that case, Google also has rich keywords that have a good chance to make good money from Adsense.

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2. Choose Recommended Ads, size, colour From Google:-

In Google Adsense, Recommended Ads should be used, because these things increase the revenue of google Adsense, because if you are using desire ads please change it to a standard size. these ads, size, colour is mentioned below.

1. 336×280 (Large Rectangle) ads
2. 300×250 (Medium Rectangle) ads
3. 160×600 (Wide Skyscraper) ads
4. 728×90 (Leader Board) ads

3. Add Link Unit:-

if you are not using link unit in your website then i am advised you to add link unit these link should be placed in the first paragraph, after the second paragraph because when visitor visit in your blog or website. they read each & everything in your post content. so create links unit now . horizontal & large vertical link unit play vital role to increase Adsense Revenue.

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4. Placing of Ads:-

Placing of Google ads at right place increase the passive income through google Adsense ads . some useful placement of Google ads are

1. After the post title.
2. End of Post title
3. After the blog or Website title

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5. Traffic on your website or blog

this is the major factor of how to earn more through Google Adsense  because if traffic coming from USA, UK, Canada then google CPM is very high because these are the developed country . so write the post in a manner that receives traffic from these countries. if you are getting traffic from India, Pakistan, any other developing country then CPM will be low.

And next 5 tips Updated Soon >>

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