Google Adsense Policy for indian Blogger

if You are Indian blogger and want to apply and getting Approvedfor Google Adsense the You have to read Google adsense Policy , Google Adsense is the lagest Network for earn money online . there are several methods for Google adsense approval . if you tried with YouTube then its a worng method . Because i tried 4 times with YouTube but every time my Google adsense Account has been Disapproved by invalid click activity . My name is Gaurav Gupta and i am from india . many new bloggers are creating blog and write rich content post .

There are more Google alternatives are available like chitika , Infolinks , Kontera . they are Google adsense repalcements . I also use infolink & chitika .

How to get Approved Goggle Adsense 

According Google Adsense policy for indian webmaster and blogger , your website or blog should have 500 visitors daily nd your domain should be 6 months old for India and Chaina , check Google AdSense program policies and should have high quality content , and at least 70  posts in that post 10-15 posts should have more than 700 hundred words . Google Adsense terms & conditions

Looking for Adsense Alternatives :- Top 10 Google adsense Alternative in india 2014

Traffic for Your website and blog :- if you are going to apply for Google adsense , the traffic for you blog or website mainly should come from search engine . and put alexa tracking code on blog . so alexa ranked your website daily . just apply for google adsense.

here in post we are providing how to get approved Google adsense account in india . eligibility for google adsense , Requirement for approval for Google adsense . how to activate Google adsense in india . we all know Google adsense is the best online network to earn money online . ETF option for indian publisher announced soon in India .

Please Dont try You tube Google adsense Account Approval because it will be disapproved by Google in some days

Terms Required for Google adsense

i mentioned the terms and condition for Google adsense policy in india ,

  • Top level domain(TLD)
  •  Good traffic
  • more than 70 posts with 700 words
  • traffic from search engine

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