C Programming Interview Question 2019 & Answers with Solution

C Programming Interview Question 2019 & Answers with Solution:- In this Post we will provide you with all fresher C Language interview Questions with answer. Frequently asked C programming question that covers Data Structure, Pointer Interview Question in detail here interview questions and answer in C . In job Interview a lot of Questions asked by the interviewer so students have to read all C questions & answer here it include a pdf file to download all C programming Questions

C Programming Interviews Questions with answer

Question 1 in C . how to write c program to print Hello world without using any semicolon?

Answer :- void main()
if(printf(“Hello world”)){

Question 2 in C . What is the definition of size of void pointer?

Answer :- Size of any type of pointer in c is independent of data type which is pointer is pointing i.e. size of all type of pointer (near) in c is two byte either it is char pointer, double pointer, function pointer or null pointer.  Void pointer is not exception of this rule and size of void pointer is also two byte.

Question 3 in C :- C language has been developed by ?

Answer :- Dennis Ritchie

Question 4 in C  : C Programs are converted into machine language with the help of ?

Answer :- A Compiler

Question 5 in C  :-A Character Variable can at a time store

Answer :- 1 Variable

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