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How To Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger With domain



How To Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger With domain :-
Hello All New Blogger with have own blog in and change to convert in Top level domain or website such as i.e or . it is very simple to Set the .com , .in , .net , domain in Blogger by Google . There is two platform for setting up A blog or website WordPress or Google .

Here i am providing you step wise process of How to set up Custom domain in Blogspot or Blogger . Fisrt important thing is that Buy a Domain Name form or

Here is the Coupon Code upto 25% off in buying new domain through Big rock click here

Step wise Setup A custom Domain in Blogger

Step 1 :- Buy A new domain from  or . I suggest Big Rock because i am Using A domain name from Big .

Step 2 :- Create an Account in by Google

Step 3 :- Go to Settings > Basic > publishing  and click on Add a Custom Domain


Step 4 :- Add your Website  in Add a Your custom domain name which you Take from


Click on Save button and Two CNAME will appear so here don’t Do any thing now login to your big rock account for setting the DNS & CNAME Upgradation so Goggle will host your Website within 10 minutes .

Next Instruction will be updated here link

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Google Adsense Policy for indian Blogger




if You are Indian blogger and want to apply and getting Approvedfor Google Adsense the You have to read Google adsense Policy , Google Adsense is the lagest Network for earn money online . there are several methods for Google adsense approval . if you tried with YouTube then its a worng method . Because i tried 4 times with YouTube but every time my Google adsense Account has been Disapproved by invalid click activity . My name is Gaurav Gupta and i am from india . many new bloggers are creating blog and write rich content post .

There are more Google alternatives are available like chitika , Infolinks , Kontera . they are Google adsense repalcements . I also use infolink & chitika .

How to get Approved Goggle Adsense 

According Google Adsense policy for indian webmaster and blogger , your website or blog should have 500 visitors daily nd your domain should be 6 months old for India and Chaina , check Google AdSense program policies and should have high quality content , and at least 70  posts in that post 10-15 posts should have more than 700 hundred words . Google Adsense terms & conditions

Looking for Adsense Alternatives :- Top 10 Google adsense Alternative in india 2014

Traffic for Your website and blog :- if you are going to apply for Google adsense , the traffic for you blog or website mainly should come from search engine . and put alexa tracking code on blog . so alexa ranked your website daily . just apply for google adsense.

here in post we are providing how to get approved Google adsense account in india . eligibility for google adsense , Requirement for approval for Google adsense . how to activate Google adsense in india . we all know Google adsense is the best online network to earn money online . ETF option for indian publisher announced soon in India .

Please Dont try You tube Google adsense Account Approval because it will be disapproved by Google in some days

Terms Required for Google adsense

i mentioned the terms and condition for Google adsense policy in india ,

  • Top level domain(TLD)
  •  Good traffic
  • more than 70 posts with 700 words
  • traffic from search engine
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Top 10 tips to increase Google Adsense Revenue (Earning) by 10 times




Are you want to increase Google Adsense Earning by 10 times, and 100 times, so get ready because I am giving you some useful tips to increase CPC  1.5 to 0.1,0.3,0.5 .

If you are facing that why google CPC is down, while Thousands of visitors are visiting your website, the one thing hit in my mind what is the logic of increase Adsense earning. so everything about Adsense is based on traffic so in your website where from the traffic is coming. Now I m here to advise and giving you some tips. so read the article carefully.

The Tips I am sharing with you, So follow these tips it will work for you. if not working then I will solve your problem-related Google Adsense.

Top 10 tips to increase Adsense Revenue (Earning) by 10 times

1. Selection of Keywords:- 

First thing while you are going to set up Google Adsense, Keywords selection is the important parts of Increasing Google Adsense revenue. you should use High CPM keywords those keywords will we pay you high CPM . for example donate a car, Medical insurance, other rich keywords. Don’t be sad if you have an educational niche, Technology blog, in that case, Google also has rich keywords that have a good chance to make good money from Adsense.

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2. Choose Recommended Ads, size, colour From Google:-

In Google Adsense, Recommended Ads should be used, because these things increase the revenue of google Adsense, because if you are using desire ads please change it to a standard size. these ads, size, colour is mentioned below.

1. 336×280 (Large Rectangle) ads
2. 300×250 (Medium Rectangle) ads
3. 160×600 (Wide Skyscraper) ads
4. 728×90 (Leader Board) ads

3. Add Link Unit:-

if you are not using link unit in your website then i am advised you to add link unit these link should be placed in the first paragraph, after the second paragraph because when visitor visit in your blog or website. they read each & everything in your post content. so create links unit now . horizontal & large vertical link unit play vital role to increase Adsense Revenue.

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4. Placing of Ads:-

Placing of Google ads at right place increase the passive income through google Adsense ads . some useful placement of Google ads are

1. After the post title.
2. End of Post title
3. After the blog or Website title

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5. Traffic on your website or blog

this is the major factor of how to earn more through Google Adsense  because if traffic coming from USA, UK, Canada then google CPM is very high because these are the developed country . so write the post in a manner that receives traffic from these countries. if you are getting traffic from India, Pakistan, any other developing country then CPM will be low.

And next 5 tips Updated Soon >>

Thank You for Reading

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Easy way of How To Make Money With Google AdSense




Are you want to make money with Google Adsense?

we are providing all Google adsense ideas how to earn money with adsense advertising program. here all complete guide & tutorial is setup for new blogger and webmaster . how they can maximizes their monthly income from Goggle adsense . let me introduce my self i am Gaurav Gupta basically i am from India . why i am using Google adsense ? here you will get the answer because this isthe platform from where you can find more money online without doing big investment . why google adsense account disapproved or disabled and how much you can make money and its alternative .

About Google Adsense ( what it is ? and how to use )

Adsense isthe best method to monetize your website or blog traffic and after monetizing easy to use or set up to your website . you can implement your self easily by follow the simple steps . this is the free quick guide on how to make money from Google Adsense. Google Adsense Common application problems 2018

you already know that Google Adsense is not easy to get for beginners. if you are the new blogger than you have to do more effort and work hard to find Google Adsense.   Google Adsense is the dream for new Blogger & website lovers. Google Adsense Tutorial and tricks tips also provided.

Free guide for Google Adsense overview is also available, if you are expecting for Google Adsense approval then you should read all the content of this Book Guide. Don’t pay for finding Google Adsense Tutorial books online. here it is free to download online

Go to Top

There is some requirement for Google Adsense Approval. generally, Adsense Approval in india is very difficult, the indian publisher will have to wait 6 months before applying.

1. add About Us , Contact us, Privacy Policy , Term & Use  Pages to your blog & website .
2. Apply with domain Name email ( i.e. )
3. Rich Content post of 600 words or above read content policies
4. 100 total no. of Posts
5. lot of traffic required through Google search engine , approx 500 unique visitors per day

if your adsense account will disable for some invalid click activity reasons then you can try Google Adsense alternative

  • chitika
  • infolinks
  • kontera
  • clicksor

these are Google Adsense Alternative for earning money online. Adsense takes a lot of hard work to make money.

Ads Type in Google Adsense

there are several ads in Google Adsense. if you use the recommended advertisement by Google then you earn more. the list of recommended ads by Google are  300*250 , 468*60 ,728*90  you can customize too. your website and blog should match with Adsense policies

  • Text ads,
  • text and image ads
  • and link units

Google Adsense is the best program for PPC ( pay per click ) . Adsense pay you hundreds time more than another advertising network. can create custom ads for the website and monetize according to requirement.

you can also use Link units in Google Adsense .

Do not Copy Content

new blogger generally copied the content from other websites. so never do that these types of silly things, because Google is the smart search engine. so during the crawl, it identifies every word that you have written in your blog. because it never be index. this is for all the Indian blogger who makes mistakes. always use fresh and rich unique content while you are writing a post.


Google AdSense is the best source of getting revenue online, in this post we are summarizing everything About Google Adsense like how to make more money with Google Adsense, three smart ways to get Approved the Google Adsense Account, Five Ways to Earn Money Through Google Adsense, free tips Tutorial for Google Adsense

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