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Google Adsense approval tricks & tips for Indian Blogger



Google Adsense approval tricks & tips for Indian Blogger wait for 6 months to get approved, a lot of bloggers and webmasters think that How to get approved A Google Adsense Account ? does Indian bloggers have to wait 6 months or more? because in Google Adsense terms & policy, it is already motioned that new bloggers will have to wait 6 months before applying for an advertisement network by Google named Google Adsense.

Earning money with Google Adsense is not difficult , so create a blogspot blog in google or A website in WordPress then write about 200 posts will be indexed by google , if google not indexing your posts then how to and what to do for Google posts indexing for website , here i am giving you some important tricks and tips so you can apply or Google Adsense for India . there is some condition for Indian Adsense publisher. because Google is the best PPC (Pay per click ) network around the world . is Google India Accepting Adsense Application from Indian Publishers? A lot of people have the misconception about Google is not accepting Adsense Application any more. but it is not true.

All know that India the best place for advertising. day by day the Internet market is growing. A lot of Young people is using internet from mobile and Laptop/PC . so now in India, everything is converting offline to online. Google India recently published the YouTube video which shows the relationship love between India and Pakistan.

Google Adsense Approval Terms and Conditions

As we discussed above, Google changes the rule of Adsense for applying, its become more difficult for the new blogger. i didn’t get Adsense approval yet. some important news for Google Adsense approval within a few days, months is the fake news, don’t apply Adsense with youtube. getting Google Adsense approval in India is not easy to work hard for the new blog and you will get the result.

Conclusion:- if you are applying for Google Adsense first time for Getting Approval, you should check the following steps.

> Add Privacy page, About us page, terms & condition page, Contact, page
> Rich Content having 450 words for a posts
> domain should be 6 months old
> Top level domain
> 400 visitors per day
> Content matters for Google Adsense

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How To Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger With domain




How To Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger With domain :-
Hello All New Blogger with have own blog in and change to convert in Top level domain or website such as i.e or . it is very simple to Set the .com , .in , .net , domain in Blogger by Google . There is two platform for setting up A blog or website WordPress or Google .

Here i am providing you step wise process of How to set up Custom domain in Blogspot or Blogger . Fisrt important thing is that Buy a Domain Name form or

Here is the Coupon Code upto 25% off in buying new domain through Big rock click here

Step wise Setup A custom Domain in Blogger

Step 1 :- Buy A new domain from  or . I suggest Big Rock because i am Using A domain name from Big .

Step 2 :- Create an Account in by Google

Step 3 :- Go to Settings > Basic > publishing  and click on Add a Custom Domain


Step 4 :- Add your Website  in Add a Your custom domain name which you Take from


Click on Save button and Two CNAME will appear so here don’t Do any thing now login to your big rock account for setting the DNS & CNAME Upgradation so Goggle will host your Website within 10 minutes .

Next Instruction will be updated here link

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C Programming Interview Question 2019 & Answers with Solution




C Programming Interview Question 2019 & Answers with Solution:- In this Post we will provide you with all fresher C Language interview Questions with answer. Frequently asked C programming question that covers Data Structure, Pointer Interview Question in detail here interview questions and answer in C . In job Interview a lot of Questions asked by the interviewer so students have to read all C questions & answer here it include a pdf file to download all C programming Questions

C Programming Interviews Questions with answer

Question 1 in C . how to write c program to print Hello world without using any semicolon?

Answer :- void main()
if(printf(“Hello world”)){

Question 2 in C . What is the definition of size of void pointer?

Answer :- Size of any type of pointer in c is independent of data type which is pointer is pointing i.e. size of all type of pointer (near) in c is two byte either it is char pointer, double pointer, function pointer or null pointer.  Void pointer is not exception of this rule and size of void pointer is also two byte.

Question 3 in C :- C language has been developed by ?

Answer :- Dennis Ritchie

Question 4 in C  : C Programs are converted into machine language with the help of ?

Answer :- A Compiler

Question 5 in C  :-A Character Variable can at a time store

Answer :- 1 Variable

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AKTU Appraisal message by Dr. R K Khandal




We All know that GBTU & MTU merged into AKTU ( Uttar Pradesh Technical University ) Lucknow. AKTU released the official circular about Enrollment of those students who take admission in 2013-14 session in , MBA, B.Pharma , MCA, BHMCT , MCA (lateral entry ) , BFAD ,  so today AKTU voice Chancellor  Dr. R. K. Khandal message to All  Chairpersons/ Directors of institutions / colleges affiliated to UP technical university Lucknow . this message about A brief Report for Future reference and Appraisal of AKTU name and fame like some years ago.

AKTU Voice Chancellor Dr. R. K. Khandal says

” first of all, this is the compliment you all for your concerted as well as dedicated efforts towards the growth of AKTU (Uttar Pradesh technical university.

It is all because of your contribution and wishes that the two universities i.e  GBTU and MTU are Past and we all under one banner of big brand Name that is AKTU. While I avail this opportunity to record my indebtedness to this govt. and his Excellency Governor of Uttar Pradesh and Chancellor of AKTU for such a visionary decision. I also wish to felicitate you all for being the leading player of this great and giant University of the country. As the adage goes “ United we stand and divide we fall “.  I am absolutely confident of a bright Future for Technical education in UP and turn a wonderful time for all of us in this university. I am sure you also carry the same kind of feeling on this subject.

AKTU also presented the fact about GBTU and MTU. brief report attached in form of PDF file. so you can check official notice on . everyone is happy to get AKTU name back. U.P.T.U is the big brand name among All technical university.

check official circular here:- A brief report for future reference and appraisal, Enrollment of the AKTU students for the year 2018-19


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