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GATE 15th Feb Electronics Mechanical Question Paper Solution 2014 Answer Key

GATE 15th Feb Electronics Mechanical Question Paper Solution 2014 Answer Key of GATE 2014 Download :- GATE 2014 Exam Successfully held on 15.02.2014 for Electronics Engineering & Mechanical Engineering Exam . The GATE Answer key 2014 will be released just after the Exam By popular coaching institute Made Easy , Gate Forum , GATE academy ,  If you are searching for GATE 2014 Question Paper solution & answer sheet then you are right place here we are providing All solution in pdf file so kindly download the GATE 2014 ME EN EE EC Answer key 2014 . Gate Exam Answer key 15.02.2014 for morning (9:00Am- 12 Pm ) & evening session (2pm to 5 Pm )

Morning Session EC paper Solution uploaded in see below 

GATE 15th Feb Electronics Mechanical Question Paper Solution 2014 Answer Key will be published on this website after the few hours of  GATE 2014 Exam. GATE Answer Keys 2014 for ECE, EE, CS, CSE, ME, EEE, ECE, IP Civil, Mechanical Subject Key. GATE 2014 Exam was held across thousands of exam Centres across the India on  2nd February 2014 to 2nd March 2014 . Morning session & afternoon Session .

Download here ( link will be updated soon) .

Exam Name :- GATE  Exam 2014 Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering  (GATE)

Official Website :-

Exam Date :- 15th Feb 2014 (For Electronics & communication Engineering & Mechanical Engineering )

pdf format of GATE 2014 Expected cut off marks list

Electronics/Mechanical  GATE – 2014 Questions with Ans (Morning Session ) =>Click here
Electronics/ Mechanical GATE – 2014 Questions with Ans (Evening Session )

if you have any query or Question paper solution then share in comments .



  1. wen is it posted. plz do it soon

  2. Plz send your 15 feb me question paper and key

  3. suraj singh sisodia

    plz send me 15 feb , gate asnser key fornoon

  4. please send me 15 th feb mrning gate question paper and key of ece department

  5. please send me questio paper of 16 feb morning

  6. please send me question paper and answer key for ece 16 feb morning

  7. Please upload remaining answer of GATE 2014 Electronics and communication paper of morning session

  8. when will be the answer key for february 15th evening session uploaded?

  9. pls, send me answer key for 15th feb evening session

  10. 15 feb afternoon mecanical question and answers

    1.efficiency of brayton cycle= 1-1/(Rp)power y-1/y of allocation in trasportation problem ofm*n matirix=m+n-1
    3.true strain formula? =ln(1+engg strain)
    4.freely expandable cube subjected to normal pressure and rise in temp 40 *c =zero
    5.determine the size of bolt ,two plates are joined by three bolt subjected to 19KN LOAD
    ANS= p=19/3=
    shear stress=400MPa=p/area
    6.inventory model asked to find no. order/year
    i think ans=50
    7.aptitud 2,3,6,15,…..,157.5,630
    8. flateness is measured by = autocollimator

    • Flatness is measured by height gauge and not autocollimator….check on weikipedia

    • I think it is cheched by height guages

    • guys i wish to share my answers so if it is not right then correct it
      1. Bear & losing
      2. Both—fill in the bank
      3. 45 —number sequence
      4.flow should be four times
      5. velocity at exit – 14.7 m/min
      6. drilling time 1.5 min
      7.EOQ – 2000
      8.limit – 0.5
      9.complex–> (-x^2)+(y^2)+c
      10.Eigen vector – [1 1]
      11. Exact solution of DE –> tan((x+y)/2)=x+c
      12.Trapezoidal- 2.16
      13.Probability of not getting defective- (7/20)
      14.Probability of getting at least 2 red faces – 0.2592
      15. m+n-1
      16. stress induced in thermal expantion _ ZERO
      17.Resultant force on spur gear – 319.25
      18.Cantilever problem _(P*(L^2))/(EI)
      19.Disc subjected to force in Y-direction–>stress in z_direction zero
      20.Absolute accelration – 40
      21. Both will yield at same time
      22.MI of ring and disc value of alpha- 1.125
      23.Transmissivity wrong statement- transmissivity can be increased by increasing damping at any frequency
      24.CAD – (-5,2)
      25.fixing link of length 20mm – Both will complete circular motion
      26. mean amplitude value – 100
      27. Required accleration in inclined friction problem- 1.19 (Not sure)
      28. bryton efficiency –> 1-(1/r^((r-1)/r)) D
      29.Counter flow heat exchanger
      30.mass flow rate in turbine _ 208 kg/s
      31. for 0.25m – 8mm… for 0.75m – 24mm(not sure)
      32. Pressure drop through pipe _ 6028
      33. If Vstream increased 2 times then ‘h’ increased by sqrt2 times (correct it)
      34. Air bubble _ (4*surface tension)/diameter (tell me formula is right or not)
      35. Incompressible flow – div.V (option A)
      36.Spring mass problem – sqrt((k1+k2)/m)
      37. Thermal conductivity of middle plate – 0.1 w/mk
      38. true strain = ln(1+engg. strain)
      Thats all I remember

    • The question to find the bolt… I think it should be M12… because ur calculation gives core diameter and specification is based on nominal dia…therefore it should be core dia/0.84.

  11. please send feb15 eveing session answer key

  12. please send me the answer key of 15th feb fornoon session


      1 e
      2 1.44
      3 33.33
      4 + – 1
      5 Q(4)
      6 ln4
      7 current series amplifier
      8 current source in parallel of resistant
      9 id= 1.125
      10 e^-t-e^-2t
      11 left elliptically polarized
      12 common mode rejection ratio increases
      13 resonance frequency w=1
      14 4000
      15 2.25*10^15 1*10^5
      16 0.3micro meter 0.42*10*5
      17 01100
      18 2 cm
      19 minimum phase system
      20 gm increases
      21 trace matrix 49
      22 X^Y X@Y
      23 2^n
      24 z0 =70.71
      25 modulation index 0.5
      26 -3Ex -4Hy
      27 50 determinant multiplication
      28 Wd=38.157

      27 -3Ex -4Hy

  13. please send me the answer key of 15th feb fornoon exam of ece

  14. plsssss send me,solution of ece paper(15th feb,2pm-5pm)

  15. Please give me the answers key of ece 15th February evening sheet

    • u put d questions how much u know?
      1)abt d quantization error
      2)h parameter
      3)transmission line question(ans 50 or 33.33,i don know exactly)
      5)some electrical question to find the current across R
      6)PMOS N NMOS cascaded to find id
      7)some electronic device question to find the max electric field
      dats all i remember in numerical questions
      try 2 post d ans

  16. Can u plz upload ME evening session answer key 15 feb

  17. plz upload ME answer key

  18. Please send answer key 15th after noon

  19. mangesh que. no.34

  20. 33. your answer to the surface tension problem is correct.

    21.Could u pls post the question no 21.

  21. in surface tension problem
    they talk about air bjbble so formula is
    6(sigma)=pd/8 so ANS IS 144pascal

  22. fin effectiveness is correct=0.667
    pressure drop=6028
    thermal conductivity is absolutely correct=0.1

  23. Guys discuss more and more question so there wont b any need of Solution key

  24. Im going to give hint regarding question plz do tell question or answer.. yellow blue green light on step
    40.item no.5 (pie chart)
    41.sum of odd and second highest even number(share both the numbers)
    42.match the pair – defects-blister
    43.match the pair – G02 G03
    44.match the pair- m/c process milling – slotting
    45.break even analysis (table was given)
    46.square hole 10×5 mm .. shear force was asked
    47. square hole in m/c process – EDM
    48.min function value -> exp(-x)*sin(100x)
    49.crashing value CPM – share formula
    50.torque transmitting problem using uniform wear theory
    51.VCC enthalpy valculation
    52. Gate 2014 balloon with helium inside it
    53. max blade efficiency
    54. Radiation problem of hemisphere
    55.Effectiveness 0.67
    56.calculating enthapy when internal energy and WD is given

  25. Plz send 15th evening answer key

  26. I think that ans of sin100x should be ’9′ after putting 9 it comes to 0

  27. plz remind me in detail q no 46 and 51

  28. send me gate 2014 me ans key of 15th feb of evening session

  29. 15 feb eve session answer key chahiye chutiyo

  30. Plz send me the ece 15 afternoon session question and solution

  31. in a clutch question ,is there any effective surface

  32. what is formula for hemisphere problem

    • maddy, in hemispherical furnace problem shape factor i got was 0.5 and bcoz total heat interaction was asked i think formula was — S-B const*(T^4 – t^4) / thrmal resist…

  33. In the helium balloon problem, we do take inside He pressure and temp equal to given outside air press and temp, right?

  34. In that red, blue green ladder question, we were asked the incorrect statement, and all seemed to be incorrect to me.

  35. pls disscuss 15 morning me paper

  36. Well anyone here knows the answer to the Probability of Error question in GATE 2014 EC 15th Feb Evening Session?? Is it Q(4) or Q(2root2)???
    ANd also the Threshold level answer is it 0.35 (ln2/2)???
    I have made a list of questions from 15th Feb evening session those who had attempted this session please join the discussion and help me as well as you
    Here’s the link

  37. please clear that question asked to calculate dril time…in that ques al+ot=10 or 20?

  38. yar 15 feb ec AN session answerkeys and discussions are not given anywhere please discuss it here everyone is talking about either 15 MN or 16 MN please somebody help…..

  39. What minimum marks do you expect for under 100 rank in EC please give your views…

  40. abt de drill time ….shld length of approach an over run considered???if so answer i got was 1.25 i think..

  41. In cube question it wazz free to deform or wazz restrained if it waz restrained answer will be -E ¥ delta T /(1-2v) otherwise it will be 0

  42. There wazz a question of truss whose answer wazz 20 kn
    one question was related 2 dice answer wazz biased

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